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Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Natural Global Warming: I think not!

Some politicians point out that global warming is a natural occurrence, and I agree, the earth does go through different environmental changes over time. It cools down to an ice age and then heats back up again. There is all the scientific evidence in the world that would prove this theory correct, but—

I would also like to remind these politicians that the change is steady, and only raises one degree for every thousand or so years, at best. What we've seen is an incredible change in climate over the past fifty years. Some propose that the effect of the temperature being raised only a few degrees has little or no effect, and that it simply means, ignorantly stated, that animal and plant species could easily adapt to the environmental changes caused by carbon dioxide and other dioxins in the atmosphere.

I would like to ask everyone in America, now, to please do what you can to save energy. It doesn't mean buying a tiny little car, or spending a truckload on energy-saving appliances. It means turning off a light when you leave the room. It means unplugging things you don't need twenty-four hours a day. If you could simply do these things, we could save this world from ultimate self-destruction. After all, global warming is only reversible for another ten years and after that it is too late.


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