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Thursday, May 11, 2006

A Letter to Mr. Michael Savage Regarding His Latest Broadcast

Dear Mr. Savage:

Shame on you. You are comparing homosexuals to criminals. Since when was homosexuality A CRIME? It's not a choice, Mr. Savage; think about it, WHO WOULD WANT TO BE? It's a miserable life! You're pushed around and denied rights. And it's been proven by nearly every scientist that has ever done studies on sexuality that it isn't a choice, but rather that it is something in genetics.

The only reason why gay people seem to be ALL about their sexuality is because no one else seems to care. If you were a member of a select group that was being denied common rights, wouldn't you fight for them? So, yes, it is a big deal to us. You would do the same if you were in our shoes.

In what way, would allowing children to learn about homosexuals and their contributions to society hurt them? We learn about other minorities' fight for freedom, haven't we? African-Americans? Native Americans? These are all good examples. Have they encouraged anything bad? No.

You also had a listener that brought up A.I.D.S. in your program. Do remember that H.I.V. can live in the body for years without showing any symptoms, so the carrier wouldn't know they have it, so, therefore, wouldn't know they're spreading the disease.

We're people too. I don't know why people like you think that it's okay to hurt people like us. We don't want to hurt America. You people treat us like were monsters and we're destroying everything. We're not. We are simply a minority that's trying to encourage people to treat us equally, like human beings. We're not hurting anyone. Can you not understand that? We are doing this for ourselves. It has nothing to do with you. So say something nice, or simply say nothing at all.

I wish you were more open-minded, and would think about others feelings. If you could do only that, you, and everyone around you, would have a better life.

Thank you for your time.


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