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Monday, March 20, 2006

Me on Same-Sex Marriage

Why do people fear the term ‘marriage,’ when it refers to people of the same sex? What is there to fear? Two people in love; is that scary? You’re damn right it’s not! In this discussion, I think we’re not talking about marriage; we’re talking about human rights. All that’s being asked is this, the same basic rights given to all people in this country. And isn’t that what our country was founded on? The freedom to practice whatever they feel and have the right to do what they want? Millions of our ancestors escaped from their home countries because of persecution, because the law said that they could not practice the rights that another person of a different status could [and their beliefs].

But isn’t the law that is banning same-sex marriage going against everything our country stands for? We’re taking away rights from people because of irrational fear. But what is there to fear, I ask you? It doesn’t affect anyone but the gay people themselves. It actually happens in nature to prevent overpopulation. It’s a proven fact.

The main purpose of the bill to ban same-sex marriage is fear, and discrimination. And you’d think that in the 21st century, we’ve had learn something about people, and that it is not right to discriminate against people just because we don’t understand them.

I will do follow-ups on this story later on. Stay tuned… or logged on in this case!


At 7:24 PM, Blogger pinkfem said...

Only a very wise young adult could write so well. Thanks.


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